John Clarke Artwork Owners Club

Are you one of those people with the impeccable taste to already own John Clarke’s work? We are always trying to add to our database of his known work, so if you’d care to share some info, please email as much or as little of the following:

1. Description of piece (wood carving, bronze, watercolor) and if it’s a scenic or a mountain goat carving or one of those cute bronze bear cubs…

2. Dimensions; and if a bronze, the casting number (format looks like 4/20, which in this example would mean number 4 of a total of 20). John often signed with his Blackfeet Indian name ‘Cutapuis’ and just as often ‘J.L. Clarke’

3. Where the piece currently resides and your name, if that’s ok (we are NOT selling this data base – I simply want to see how much of my grandfather’s artwork is out in the world).

4. Any history you know on the piece: “your Aunt Binky stopped in John’s studio every summer from 1945 to 1951 and bought this one of those summers” or “you bought it on ebay 4 years ago and have never seen The Clarke Gallery, but can see you’re missing out…” And do you know the original sales price and/or date of purchase?

5. Feel free to send a photo or two! Please note : due to spam and bots, you can’t send any pics until after you email me once and I respond…Then we’re good to go! Technology – ain’t it grand?

My grandfather was uber-prolific in his carving and the mountain goats and bears were key pieces. There were perhaps hundreds carved, and no two exactly alike. From an old record book from his studio, many times the smaller carvings sold for a mere $2- $10. A smaller goat sold in a recent online auction for $633! While it makes me sad to realize his intricate carvings brought him so little money, he was involved in art because he loved it so…and that made John Clarke rich in many other ways….Please note, if you happen to own an original painting or wood carving, I can offer a basic price evaluation, and perhaps even buy it outright. Please reach out…