John Clarke Art for Sale

John Clarke was most famous for his life-like carvings of woodland creatures, in particular the bears and mountain goats of Glacier Park. But he was also adept at oil painting, watercolor, pastel drawings, charcoal sketches and even woodblock carvings for prints. Many of these beautiful art pieces have been locked away for decades…unseen by his fans.

We have taken some of his key pieces and created Limited Edition prints, plus notecards and postcards. The Limited Edition prints are available at the Clarke Gallery in summer months, or via an email. To order, please simply call 406-226-9238 or stop on in.

We also offer limited edition bronzes of some of his delightful carvings. These are a super way to have a piece of his sculpture, at a more reasonable price than an original wood carving. Please see images below for some examples – and there are others. Feel free to inquire…and note, if you happen to own an original painting or wood carving, I can offer a basic price evaluation, and perhaps even buy it outright. Please reach out…

Please see below for all five Limited Edition Prints, with their size and price. All prints are a run of 50, printed on premium paper using archival inks and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Edition numbers 1-10 will have a $20 surcharge; feel free to request a specific #.

Limited Edition Bronzes

Limited Edition Prints

Unlimited Prints

Notecards and Postcards

Below are the designs available in notecards and postcards (see next to title for N or P for how that image is offered). They may be purchased via the Clarke Gallery (when open in Summer) as singles, or in sets of four. Note cards include an envelope.


Notecards…$3.00 each or $10.00 for a set of four
Postcards…$2.00 each or $6.50 for a set of four