The History of the John L Clarke Gallery and Family

John L Clarke Gallery Old Time

This history section contains a collection of articles written by Joyce Clarke Turvey, the original owner of The Clarke Gallery, and John Clarke’s daughter. Written in the late 1970s to mid-1980s, several of the histories were printed locally in the Glacier Reporter. My mother went to great lengths to research family genealogy and local history; in an effort that these details aren’t forever lost, they are posted here…Enjoy!

Clarke Family History

By Joyce Clarke Turvey

Water-right records for Highwood, MT show that my grandfather, Horace J. Clarke, homesteaded in 1875 by acquiring Indian land on what is now known as the Harris Ranch. The newspaper article in the Great Falls Tribune, September 23, 1962 titled “Highwood Area Settlement Started Century Ago”, stated, “some of the other old-timers in the mountains were Horace Clarke, Howell Harris, etc.” Read More >>>>

John Louis Clarke | Part Two

By Joyce Clarke Turvey

John Louis Clarke was born in Highwood, Montana on May 10, 1881 of a Blackfeet Indian mother, Margaret (1849-1940) whose Indian name was First Kill. Her mother was Curlew, and maternal grandfather was Double Coming Up Hill. Margaret’s father was Mink and his father, Chief Stands Alone; paternal grandmother, The Light Haired. Read More >>>>

Helen Pi-O-To-Po-Wa-Ka Clarke

By Joyce Clarke Turvey

Helen P. Clarke was born at the mouth of the Judith River in Fergus, County, Montana on October 11, 1816, and died March 5, 1923 at 77. She is buried at the Clarke/Dawson cemetery in East Glacier with her brother Horace (1849-1930), and sister Isabel (1861-1935). Another brother, Nathan (1853-1930) is buried at the Robert Gruel Ranch south of Ulm. Read More >>>>

East Glacier Park – A History

By Joyce Clarke Turvey 1984

The historical background of East Glacier Park revolved around the Blackfeet Indians, plus the western advance of white civilization, the railroad and Glacier National Park. Nomadic bands of Piegan Indians roamed the plains east of the mountains some 300 years before.
Read More >>>>

Glacier Mural Mystery

By Vince Devlin

KALISPELL — A story that is certainly part mystery, perhaps part miracle, & had its start more than a century ago. Maybe it would be best, however, to pick it up at the most recent turn of a century. That’s when Leanne Goldhahn and her husband, Alan, were cleaning out a garage in Billings after Leanne’s father had passed away. Read more >>>>

Blackfeet Hospital

By Joyce Clarke Turvey
February 27, 1986

The new $9.2 million Blackfeet Community Hospital opened its doors on February 3, 1986, which was the result of an 18 year effort to improve medical facilities on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. With dedication ceremonies slated for February 28th, there was an open house at the facility, as well as speeches by Congressman Pat Williams, Senator John Melcher, Deputy Director Office of Tribal Activities, James Smith and Tribal Council Chairman, Chief Earl Old Person. Speeches began at 1 PM followed by a buffalo feed sponsored by the tribe at 3:00pm. Read more >>>>

Andrew Dawson

Compiled by Joyce Clarke Turvey from the Martha Edgerton Plassman Papers

The pioneer of the Dawson family in Montana was Andrew, a name that was to become well known in the Northwest. He was born on April 25, 1817 at Dalkeith, Scotland, a celebrated and ancient town in the most fertile part of County Midlothian. In his boyhood, he joined all the happy pursuits of his companions with zest, in which he was invariably chosen as the leader. He was said to have been light complexioned and freckled, with blue eyes and hair of a chestnut hue. He grew to be six feet tall and was of a sturdy build. Read more >>>>

Dawson Piano Given to Fort Benton Museum

By Joyce Clarke Turvey [early 1980s]

Negotiations and arrangements were recently completed for the return of the Dawson Piano to Fort Benton. The Dawson Piano was one of the very first pianos to come to the Montana Territory and was presented to the Fort Benton museum as a memorial to Isabel Clarke Dawson by Helene Dawson Edkins, the daughter of Tom and Isabel Clarke Dawson. Read more >>>>